Smart Class Filipino Grade 4 (Quarter 2)

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Aligned with DepEd’s K to 12 Curriculum, Smart Class K-10 presents daily lessons with performance tasks good for an entire school year. Available in five (5) different subjects: Science, Math, English, Filipino, and Social Studies, these pre-printed daily lessons aim to guide parents in teaching their children at home while ensuring that the lessons cover key curricular areas and learning competencies prescribed by DepEd. 

Learning Competency features the target learning competency for the whole quarter. 

Prerequisite Activity presents simple activities at the beginning of lessons to prepare the learner for the lesson to be presented. Activities are presented at the end of each lesson to assess learners’ understanding of the lesson presented. Some images are enhanced with LearnLive AR (augmented reality) to present interactive 3D models to aid in learning. 

Wrap Up! provides performance tasks to evaluate students’ learning at the end of every quarter. Every quarter ends with activities to review learners’ understanding of the lessons presented in the quarter. 

Recall presents review questions to assess learners’ understanding of the previous lesson before proceeding to the next lesson.

This is the Q2 edition for preorder. Available for shipping end of October 2020. 

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