Self-Learning Modules: English Grade 7 (Quarter 1-4)

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SELF-LEARNING MODULES First Edition modular worktext includes the following features:

  • Content goes beyond the most essential learning competencies (MELCs). The content is organized according to the sequence and continuity of learning prescribed by the DepEd curriculum guides.
  • Espousing a modular approach in learning, the modules are developed in such a way that it provides a clear direction for the student’s self-paced learning instruction. The discussion and activities set in each module follows the learning competencies and budget of work set by the Department of Education.
  • Integrates discussion on culture, history, and current affairs through reading selections, activities, and exercises.
  • Provides a mix of traditional and authentic assessment that could help facilitate remote learning instruction among students. The authentic assessments are GRASPS-formatted with accompanying rubrics that help the parents, guardians, or the students themselves assess what they have learned in each module.

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