Mastering Robotics Book 2 (Grades 8-10) (ICT)

Format: Print


Authors: Arvin Buendia, Marylyn Buendia 

Mastering Robotics 8-10 is built on hands-on activities that will surely bring students to a whole new world of discovery, creativity, and technology. Students’ ability to build robots and machines will be unfolded through a series of activities that will refine their talents in coding and developing robotics. Supported by formative assessments and helpful theoretical lectures that are explained for beginners, this book makes the subject of robotics and coding easy and fun to explore. One of the highlighted features of this book is that it is conceived for young minds with minimal to zero knowledge on robotics coding but the heart and potential to learn it.

  • For Grades 8-10 (Book 1: Digital Signals; Book 2: Analog Signals; Book 3: Wireless Technology)
  • Packed with various hands-on activities and performance tasks
  • Perfect for beginners

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