Journeys Through Our Contemporary World

Format: Print


Author: David Michael M. San Juan

 Journeys through Our Contemporary World © 2018 presents up-to-date information that aims to help students examine, analyze, and understand globalization and its implications. It employs a multidisciplinary approach to examine and explain the concepts and issues connected to globalization.

The book seeks to expands students’ worldview in today’s time when the relevance of interconnectedness progresses.

The following elements comprise each chapter of the book:
• Starting Point – activates and reviews students’ background knowledge on the lesson;
• Continuous Journey – lays down the actual lesson. This component also integrates as additional information related literature and important personalities;
• Guiding Lights – critical-thinking questions that test students’ comprehension of the lesson;
• Roaming Together – individual or group activities that enhance students’ skills;
• Going Beyond – relates and examines a primary document pertinent to the lesson; and
• Stopover – traditional assessment activities that measures students’ learning.


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