A Visual Guide to Philippine Games



A Visual Guide to Philippine Games takes readers on a fun adventure filled with games that Filipinos—both young and young at heart—love to play. The book covers both old games and modern ones, games that can be enjoyed with friends and loved-ones whether outside or inside the home, with easy-to-follow mechanics that come with colorful images.

Among the topics discussed in the book are traditional games passed on from generation to generation of Filipinos kids; fun games best played outside the home; indoor games that are just as fun to play; colorful games enjoyed by entire communities during fiestas; handmade toys and trinkets that bring joy to their makers; homegrown tabletop games; and online gaming apps by Filipino developers.

Aside from a detailed description and step-by-step procedures on how to play each game, an added feature is Game+, which gives little-known information about the game plus tips and techniques on how best to play it and win.

A Visual Guide to Philippine Games includes the following chapters:

  • Pre-Games: A Fun Summer Adventure 

  • Play the Classics!

  • Let’s Play Outdoor Games! 

  • Indoor Games, Anyone?

  • What a Fiesta! 

  •  Fun with Found Objects

  • Bring It on the Table! 

  • Gadgets Ready, Let’s Level Up!


About the collection

Referencia Moderna's Visual Guide Series is a collection of brilliantly illustrated reference books for young readers. With fun facts, trivia, and images, these new reference titles will help nurture the children’s love for the country, their cultural identity, as well as their love for reading.

Exciting games and activities are also embedded at the end of every chapter of each book to provide an interactive experience to the readers. A Visual Guide to Manila-Acapulco Galleons pioneered the launch of this series in 2019. Other books include: A Visual Guide to Philippine Fauna, A Visual Guide to Philippine Flora, A Visual Guide to Philippine Food, A Visual Guide to Philippine Pre-Colonial Philippines, A Visual Guide to Philippine Geography, and A Visual Guide to Philippine Folklore.

About the authors

Madelyn Joson, an educator at heart, worked as a corporate social responsibility officer for the Vibal Foundation. She handled its literacy program for communities, and other endeavors aimed at revitalizing education for all Filipino learners. With this book, she finds the initial fulfillment of one of her greatest dreams—to write books about subjects that are dear to her.

Emaleen Kay Lilagan worked as a teacher before becoming a curriculum specialist at Vibal Group, Inc. She has been writing stories in her mind and always wished for them to be published one day. Her love of Pinoy games and reading children’s books has contributed to her enthusiasm in cowriting her first-ever book, A Visual Guide to Philippine Games.


A Visual Guide to Philippine Games

96 pages ; 21.59 cm x 27.94 cm
ISBN 978-971-07-5672-8


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