Christian Living for Everyday Life K (Values Education)

Format: Print


God’s love embraces everyone, not just Catholics. It is open to everyone regardless of religion. This is what Christian Living for Everyday Life Pre-K and K aims to introduce at a very early age. The lessons in this book are anchored on the important role of the family, school, and community in molding the child’s spirituality. This book teaches the basics of good manners and right conduct using bible stories, songs, poems, art activities, and even prayers as springboards to the discussion. It also includes activities that allow pupils to develop their God-given talent and skills. Such activities include singing, reading, listening, doing art activities, writing, reciting bible verses, and praying to him. At the end of each book, the pupils are expected to have a closer and deeper relationship with God and be able to apply what they have learned in their everyday lives.

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