Balita: The Story of Philippine Journalism 1811–2019

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Balita: The Story of Philippine Journalism (1811–2019)
by Dr. José Victor Torres

Balita: The Story of Philippine Journalism (1811–2019) invites us to embark on a journey into the history of how newspapers became part of the Philippine social life. The book ushers us to look back on the past and to realize that the history of Philippine journalism is not just a listing of newspapers—but the story of how Filipino journalists created the intellectual history of our nation and eventually became the reporter of the events of our history, and a guardian of the truth in telling times.

Balita: The Story of Philippine Journalism (1811–2019) is the perfect material for every Journalism teacher and student


Foreword by Joel Pablo Salud

Chapter 1: Balita: News during the Precolonial Times to the Hojas Volantes (Precolonial Period to 1779)
Chapter 2: The Colonial Press (1811-1898)
Chapter 3: Philippine Journalism and the Rise of Nationalism (1889-1900)
Chapter 4: The Nationalist Press to the Rise of the Newspaper Empires (1900-1941)
Chapter 5: Blue Pencils and Stencil Ink: The Press during World War II (1941-1945)
Chapter 6: Needing Information, Feeding Politics: The Postwar Rise of Newspapers (1946-1972)
Chapter 7: Under a Dictatorship: Martial Law and the Alternate Press (1972-1986)
Chapter 8: After EDSA: The Philippine Press at the Return of Democracy and in the Age of Internet and Fake News (1986-2019)


  • Introduction
  • Objectives
  • Lesson Proper
  • Feature Box
  • Marginal Notes
  • Guide Questions and Present-day Insights 
  • Activities

About the Author

José Victor Torres is an award-winning playwright, essayist, and social science writer. He has authored and edited various books on Philippine history and culture as well as contributed diverse articles to local educational magazines and journals. His book, Ciudad Murada: A Walk Through Historic Intramuros (Vibal), won the National Book Award for Travel Writing in 2006; while his collection of essays, To the Person Sitting in Darkness and Other Footnotes in Philippine History (UST Publishing House), was awarded the National Book Award for Essays in English in 2017. His monograph-length history on the first 100 years of Philippine Journalism was part of the translated book, El Periodismo Filipino (Vibal) that won the 2019 National Book Award for Book Design. He has also won the prestigious Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature in the one-act play category multiple times. He received his MA and PhD in history from the University of Santo Tomas (UST) and is currently a full professor at the History Department at the De La Salle University-Manila (DLSU).

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