Ang Barbaro (A Graphic Novel)

Format: Print


by Francisco Coching

This book includes an introduction by renowned art critic Patrick D. Flores and a foreword by Coching’s fellow National Artist Bienvenido Lumbera.

Ang Barbaro follows the adventures and travails of Sabas who takes to arms to avenge his father’s wrongful death. To the common people, he is a protector. To the abused and imprisoned, he is a rescuer. To the woman who loves him, he is a target for danger. But to the oppressors and outlaws who prey upon the populace, he is the terror known as “ang Barbaro.” The novel is notable for its powerful narrative of a defenseless protagonist who becomes an outsider hero during the Spanish colonial regime. This story instantly seized the popular imagination and was turned into a masterful movie within a year of its inception by director Enrique Moreno for Sampaguita Pictures.

Enhanced with a synopsis and an expanded character list, this book is the ultimate edition of a modern comics art masterpiece and delightfully paired with its sequel El Indio, reissued in 2009.


© 2016
192 pages

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