A Visual Guide to Philippine Folklore



A Visual Guide to Philippine Folklore is a colorfully illustrated collection of the Philippines’ richest folkloric traditions, featuring tales, epics, and legends populated by eerie spirits, powerful deities, and uncanny creatures. The book explores the cultural and historical contexts of Philippine folklore and how it has been passed on through generations. Beliefs and customs that are still practiced in modern Philippine society—including superstitious rituals, the use of anting-anting (amulets), and the continued reverence for traditional healers—are also detailed. A Visual Guide to Philippine Folklore invites readers to an enchanting and imaginative journey into mythological landscapes conjured by Filipino communities—ancient and modern—striving to make sense of the mysteries of the world around them.




The Powerful Ones: Gods and Goddesses 

The Engkanto and More: The Mysterious World of Spirits, Magical Beings, and Monstrous Creatures

Folk Epics: Extraordinary Adventures of Mythical Superheroes 

The Tricksters: Foolish or Clever?

Riddles and Proverbs: Timeless Gems 

Kararua, Gabâ, Pamahiin: Delving into Some Soul

Beliefs and Superstitions 

From Babaylan to Hilot: Weaving Magic, Mysticism, and Medicine

Anting-anting: Unlocking a Sacred Source of Power and Protection 

From Maganda to Aswang: Women and LGBTQ in Philippine Folklore

Ever Wonder Why (or How)?: Some Etiological Narratives and Legendary Figures

On Sacred Grounds: Discovering Mystical Sites and Power Spots

Laro Tayo!: Going Out Today to Recite Silly Chants and Playt 

Awit and Sayaw: Expressions of the Filipino Soul

Urban Legends: Lore of the New Times 

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About the Editor

Beatriz C. Alegre hails from Northern Samar. Her passion for fostering a love for reading among the young and promoting creativity through books has fueled her involvement in book publishing for over 25 years. She hopes that A Visual Guide to Philippine Folklore will ignite in the minds of young readers a keen interest in the rich traditions, customs, beliefs, and oral narratives of the Filipino people.


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