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Artificial Insemination in Ruminants (SHS)
Business Finance (ABM) (Academic) (SHS)
Business Math (ABM) (Academic) (SHS)
Caregiving 2 (TVL) (SHS)
Creative Non-Fiction (SHS)
Creative Writing (SHS)
Earth Science (SHS)
Empowerment Technologies (SHS)
Entrepreneurship (Revised) (SHS)
Fish Port Operations
Food and Beverage Services (TVL) (SHS)
General Biology 1 (SHS)
General Biology 2 (SHS)
General Mathematics (Revised) (SHS)
General Physics 1 (SHS)
General Physics 2 (SHS)
Geodetic Engineering Laws and Practices
Illustration (SHS)
Macrame Handicraft (SHS)

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