Paseos de Intramuros: A Guidebook to Manila’s Walled City



Paseos de Intramuros: A Guidebook to Manila’s Walled City is a definitive guidebook to the famed Walled City that covers over 50 buildings, monuments, and historical sites. A complete yet compact travel guide, the book contains detailed itineraries, maps, and up-to-date information for tourists who either wish to explore only the highlights of Intramuros or who can spend the entire day immersing themselves in the rich culture and history of the former locus of Spanish imperial power in Asia for over three centuries. Entertaining historical narratives accompany descriptions of key landmarks such as Fort Santiago, Baluarte de San Diego, Plaza Moriones, and San Agustin Church. Whether you want to wander around the cobblestoned streets of Intramuros, visit heritage houses, historical monuments, and ancient churches, or relive the fascinating history of old Manila, Paseos de Intramuros: A Guidebook to Manila’s Walled City makes sure you experience all that Intramuros has to offer.

“Experience Intramuros like never before with Paseos de Intramuros: A Guidebook to Manila’s Walled City, your ultimate guidebook companion. Immerse yourself in Dr. Torres’ masterpiece, delving into its pages to uncover hidden gems, rich history, and captivating stories that will enhance your Intramuros journey.”

—Dr. Wensley M. Reyes
Associate Professor, University of the Philippines Manila


“As a historian and an Intramuros tour docent for almost two decades now, the works of Jose Victor Torres had always been, since the beginning, my ready reference and constant travel companion. He is, hands down, the ultimate and most generous walking encyclopedia and guide of Intramuros.”

—Prof. Michael Charleston “Xiao” Chua
Assistant Professorial Lecturer, De La Salle University Manila
Filipino Public Historian


Paseos de Intramuros: A Guidebook to Manila’s Walled City by Dr. Jose Victor Torres is a welcome aid to a whole new generation of Filipinos rediscovering the delights of analog experiences. Cooped up in a pandemic, virtual tours have had its 15 minutes of fame. Now it is time to walk about and live, or relive, history, as well as reconnect with real people and real places. Prof. Torres provides comprehensive but succinct information tailormade and agile enough to cater to various demographics and interests. My own is urban history and public spaces, and this guidebook provides information and historical tidbits that are new and fascinating to me. TikTok is over, and now it is time to walk!”

—Paulo Alcazaren
Environmental Planner, Landscape Architect, and Urban Historian


About the author

Jose Victor Z. Torres, PhD is a multi-awarded writer, Palanca award-winning playwright, professor, and essayist. He worked as a researcher for the Intramuros Administration, which paved the way for the publication of Ciudad Murada: A Walk Through Historic Intramuros (2005)—his fifth book and his bestseller. This book also gave him his first National Book Award for Travel Writing in 2005. Apart from writing books about Intramuros—his second home—he devoted his time editing books and contributing articles on drama and history. At present, he teaches the Rizal course and Philippine history at the De La Salle University in Manila, where he also serves as associate director for Drama and History at its Bienvenido N. Santos Creative Writing Center. For his contribution to historic and cultural literature, he was recognized as an outstanding graduate school alumnus in the field of history during the 75th founding anniversary of the University of Santo Tomas Graduate School. In 2017, he won his second National Book Award for the Essays in English category for his book, To the Person Sitting in Darkness and Other Footnotes of Our Past. In 2023, he was an awardee of the Distinguished Thomasian Alumni Award given by the University of Santo Tomas Alumni Association Inc. and a St. Miguel Febres Cordero Research Awardee from the De La Salle University.

Paseos de Intramuros: A Guidebook to Manila’s Walled City
104 pages; 15.24 x 22.86 cm.
ISBN 978-971-97-0847-6 (hardbound)
ISBN 978-971-97-0848-3 (softbound)


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