Gender and Society: Understanding the Gender Dimensions of Philippine Culture and Society



Gender and Society: Understanding the Gender Dimensions of Philippine Culture and Society
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232 pages

Gender and Society: Understanding the Gender Dimensions of Philippine Culture and Society presents critical insights about socioeconomic and gender-related issues encountered and dealt with by Filipino women from the past up to the present. The book offers a wide spectrum of studies presented as essays that explore the narratives and experiences of Filipino women across diverse locations, cultural groups, and political affiliations.  These texts shed light on the status of women across various socioeconomic backgrounds and gender identities, highlighting their struggles as they navigate life’s challenges, as well as their personal and collective political resistance and advocacy efforts.

Drawing on diverse empirical materials and contemporary theoretical frameworks, the authors provided insightful analyses that are valuable for educators, students, government officials, and private companies seeking to develop gender-responsive policies, programs, and services.




Chapter 1: Historical Overview of the Status of Women and Men in Philippine Society 

Chapter 2: Contesting Religious Fundamentalisms and Other Forms of Intolerance: Practical and Theoretical Challenges for the Global Feminist Movement

Chapter 3: Getting Unstuck: Exploring the Modes of Rejection, Resistance, and Negotiation of Filipina Marriage Migrants in Australia

Chapter 4: Feeling the Squeeze Too: Women in the Sandwich Generation in the Philippines

Chapter 5: Social Psychological Aspects of Advocating LGBT Human Rights in the Philippines

Chapter 6: Uncoerced Cybersex by Low-Income Women Using Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)

Chapter 7: Battered Women: Counseling Needs and Counseling Strategies

Chapter 8: To Say Bismillah: A Muslim Lesbian Writer’s Narrative

Chapter 9: The Only Exception: Teenage Pregnancy in Philippines

Chapter 10: Gender and Development: Principles and Approaches



Carolyn I. Sobritchea, PhD
Sylvia Estrada-Claudio, MD, PhD
Marie Aubrey Villaceran, PhD
Excelsa C. Tongson, DSD
Eric Julian Manalastas, PhD
Beatriz A. Torre, MA
Nathalie Africa-Verceles, DSD
Jaclyn Marie L. Cauyan, PhD
Jhoanna Lynn B. Cruz, PhD
Veronica L. Gregorio, PhD




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