The Vicente Rama Reader: An Introduction for Modern Readers



Author: Rudy Villanueva

An Introduction for Modern Readers is a rear treat that combines literature and politics. Vicente Rama (1887-1956), father of the Cebu City Charter and well-loved public servant, was also committed newspaperman and editor when not immersed in creative writing projects, whether in Spanish or in Visayan. But the long-lived weekly Bag-Ong Kusog stands out among his accomplishments, nurturing and enriching his native language, to the delight of readers throughout the Visayas and Mindanao and even the lonely bunkhouses of field workers in Hawaii. For those who missed all that ingenous excitement this bilingual volume in English and Cebuano-Visayan provides a sampling of Rama's satire, fiction, memoirs, and just plain essays, all in translation of exceptional agility and contemporariness.

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