Mathematical Ideas and Tools for the Modern World (College)

Format: Ebook


Authors: Ian Garces, Elvira Tuprio, Agnes Garciano, Jude Buot, Jumela Sarmiento, Ramil Bataller 

In this book, mathematics is presented and discussed as an exploration of patterns and as an application to inductive and deductive reasoning. It also surveys ways in which mathematics can be used to understand and deal with everyday life.

More than its technicalities, this book is a living testament of how math is a practical matter, with topics that deal with the language of math, managing personal finances, making social choices, and other mathematical nuances.

With the presentation of these topics, students are encouraged to go beyond the typical understanding of mathematics as merely a plethora of formulas and to see it as a source of aesthetics in patterns of nature, a rich language in itself, and a science governed by logic and reasoning. The book also inspires students to appreciate the practical, intellectual, and aesthetic dimensions of mathematics and to apply it as a useful tool in daily life.

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