Magandang Gabi Bayan: Nation, Journalism Discourse, and Television News in the Philippines



Author: Estelle Marie Ladrido

Why do we get the news we get? This questions starts an in-depth exploration of news production practices of Philippine commercial and government telecesion networks. The reveals that news workers are vulnerable to flows of internal and external power relations in their quest to provide relevant news to audiences. Ladrido thus this through, contents analysis of news programs, newsroom observations, accompanyng beat and general assignment reporters during coverage; an formal and informal interviews with executives, news gathering, and production staff. In their response to power, government and commercial news workers develop varying meanings and practices to journalism values such as public service and autonomy as they to work maintain their authority to be, through their stories, the public's access point to the nation. Ladrido presents the behind-the-scenes, push-and-pull of power within the exclusive world of broadcast news production, which ultimately determines what we see on he news.

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