For the People, With the People: Developing Social Enterprises in the Philippines



Author: Ma. Regina M. Hechanova-Alampay 

This book is about hope--something we need in a developing country like the Philippines. The stories (here) are about empowering urban women, providing families a home, turning garbage into gold, improving employee's quality of life, or building capabilities of people and organiizations. They are stories of struggle, of commitment, of joy, of pain, and even luck. Yet, they all began with ordinary people dreaming and believing that change could happen, and committing themselves to that change. More than this, these stories show the power of collective. How bringing together business people, development workers, and community leaders can create much more impact than simply doling out money. We learn how radical solutions may actually work. The stories highlight how the best ideas don't necessarily come from he most educated or powerful. One only needs to listen and keep an open mind. After all, that is the heart of a social enterprise---an organization for and with the people.

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