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Living with MAPEH Grade 3 (Elementary)

Living with MAPEH Grade 3 (Elementary)

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Authors: B. C. Nolasco, R. D. Quiling, R. V. Castro, G. G. Ramos, M. L. J. Y. Fernandez, H. A. Castro, J. P. J. Serafica, F. R. Lacson, Jr., Z. A. Castro, E. B. N. Reyes, S. T. Palallos, V. D. D. Vergel, M. C. T. Santos, J. P. A. Parfan, J. R. Maniacop, M. J. Portento, E. L. Joaquin, D. M. N. Ramos, M. A. D. Uy, D. F. B. Loscos

Living with MAPEH is a textbook series covering the subject areas Music, Art, Physical Education, and Health. It was developed by a distinct group of educators following the prescribed competencies of the K to 12 program of the Department of Education. It makes use of modern pedagogy that will motivate young individuals to participate in activities intended to develop not only their cognitive, affective, and psychomotor skills but also their higher-order thinking skills. Following the 4A’s framework (Activity, Analysis, Abstraction, and Application), each lesson contains the following elements in addition to the discussion:

  • Get Started - activity to check prior knowledge
  • Carry On - questions that provoke deeper probing into concepts
  • Think About This/Great Idea - aid in the processing of concepts, principles, and other information
  • Check the Meaning - expands student's vocabulary while reinforcing lesson comprehension
  • Musical Notes/Art Pad/Fitness Card/ Health Card - reflection activity at the end of each lesson