Cyclones & Earthquakes: The Jesuits, Prediction, Trade, & Spanish Dominion in Cuba & the Philippines, 1850-1898



Author: Aitor Anduaga

How was scientefic knowledge produced in a colonial context? Furthermore, how was it possible that two colonies such as Cuba and the Philippines could have among the most notable scientefic achievements in the history of the nineteenth-century Spain? Finally, what happen when this achievements were driven by a religious order like the Society of Jesus? Why and what kinds of interest were at stake? This book addresses these issues and shows how the Spanish Jesuits and military engineers sent to these islands became active participants in the development of meteorology and the earth sciences. This book is an original, rigorous, and well-documented study of how to central fields of scientific prevention--cyclone pridiction and earthquake-resistant construction--have their roots in commercial, military, and educational context of late -ninteenth-century Spanish insular possessions.Drawing on a wide variety of archival source s and primary literature, the book shows the complexity and multi-sided nature of modern science, in particular the science of prevention.

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